Luna-send command failed <update manifest file failed>

I was unable to install the remote control app(on TV) after bundling with Sandstorm webdriver code. Getting below error.
ares-install ERR! [com.webos.appInstallService failure]: luna-send command failed

Hi @Darshan_Giri,

Unfortunately, this forum is only for webOS OSE and its developers. So if you want to know more about webOS TV, you must visit the webOS TV Developer website.

But it might be an error about CLI version. ares-cli has two versions. One is for OSE another is for TV. Ensure that you use the TV CLI for TV app development.


okay , but will ipk built using ose and webos tv be different

I don't know much about the TV's CLI, but those might be different.

Using the ares-package -r options, you can check the inside of .ipk file.
(Of course this is the OSE CLI, for TV ipk, you should use TV CLI.)