[EVENT] welcome to webOS booth in the OSCON 2018

Welcome to webOS booth in the OSCON 2018

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Happy to learn about webOS

Interested to learn more about webOS

Looking forward to build the WebOS emulator on my PC and program apps for my LG tv

interested to learn more about WebOS!

Very cool!!!✓✓✓✓✓!!!!!!

Great Demo looking forward to use it

webOS is awesome!!!
Go opensource!

Awsome demo :slight_smile: !

Big fan of webOS on my palm pixi.

webos 2018 woo! now open source

Thank you for setting up the booth for providing the info.

Thanks for open sourcing webOS

Found this very interesting. Will definitely find out more about WebOS

Sounds good. Will try out the product

It is cool that the palm O.S. still exists.

Hello from #oscon conference

Nice to see webos still exists.

2018 demo and coffee cup

Go check out webos demo!