How to debug app in LG WebOS emulator

Sir, while working with the database in the app it is not creating kind(Table) by putkind function and we're unable to find where the error is occurring. Is there any way to debug the app running in WebOS emulator where we can see the error in the code like we do in the console.

In app, In case of any error during Luna service api call, response return value will be false and error details will be shown in res``ponse of callback function (as shown below). Refer to below link for Luna api call from app.

function callback(msg){
        var response = JSON.parse(msg);

Also if you want to debug any error in w.r.t db8 or any other luna api calls , you can see view more detailed log by executing below command in device shell.

root@raspberrypi4:/# journalctl -f
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