How would you implement a loading indicator in React Native?


I am new to react native and struck somewhere in my code can some one please provide me the solution for this question?


To implement a loading indicator in React Native, you can use the ActivityIndicator component provided by the framework. First, define a state variable to track the loading status. Then, conditionally render the ActivityIndicator component based on the loading state. When the loading state is true, display the ActivityIndicator, and when the loading state is false, show the regular content. You can style the ActivityIndicator with props like color and size to match your design. Update the loading state accordingly based on your application logic, such as when fetching data from an API or performing asynchronous operations.

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To implement a loading indicator in React Native, use the "ActivityIndicator" component. Import it from 'react-native' and render it conditionally, depending on the loading state. Set its visibility using a state variable, toggling it when data is being fetched. This provides a visual cue to users during loading processes.