Icon is not being displayed in launcher

I have 32SM5KD/BH signage TV. The icon and tile color (iconColor) of my app in not being displayed in app launcher. Other metadata (title and appDescription) is working.

Hi @gaurav,

The icon not appearing could be an issue with the system being unable to detect it within your webapp. Make sure you put it in the root folder and the names match both in your appinfo.json and the actual image file name.
It would be better if you can share how your appinfo.json looks like currently, assuming that's where the issue is.

Regarding the tile color I looked at the documentation and it seems to have been dropped.
I remember it being present as a field named called iconColor but it longer seems to be there.
Perhaps it was dropped in the latest SDK, I recall the tiles also taking a white color by default.
Would appreciate it if someone can confirm this.

Thanks for the reply n-jay. The icons are at correct place and it displays it in launcher when I run this app on emulator, but doesn't show on TV.

Hmm.. that's interesting.

Could it be due to some change in the webOS UI in signage TVs?