How can you handle touch events, such as tapping or swiping, in React Native?

Hello everyone,

I have a question regarding touch events handling in React Native. Specifically, I'm interested in learning how to handle various touch events, such as tapping or swiping, within a React Native application.

Could anyone provide some insights, code snippets, or explanations on how to handle touch events effectively in React Native? I'm particularly interested in differentiating between different touch gestures and implementing corresponding actions.

I appreciate any contributions or suggestions you can provide. Thank you in advance

Hi @JessicaW33,

I've been watching your posts.

A certain amount of off-topic is tolerated because we believe that it may be relevant to webOS development in a broad sense. But consistently posting off-topic posts is a different matter. This takes away the opportunity for other good (on-topic) posts to get noticed.

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I will keep that in mind @NERGI