IOT documentation

Is there any documentation available on how to develop an iot project on webos? There is a link to iotivity page, but that shows a 404 error when clicked on.

Currently there is no latest webos specific document for developing project on webos using iotivity . All are open source resources :
You can refer below link:

Note : Can you provide the link for which you are getting 404 error????

@ajesh , @mukuljha1998

In the past, IoTivity officially supports webOS OSE, but now it is not and it is no longer updated.
As IoTivity website is renewed, intruction pages related to webOS OSE are gone, and I think ajesh clicked the links to that sort of pages.

Our team is planning to update these IoT pages, but we cannot sure when it will be finished.

The good thing is I found some old document which is the initial version draft for one of the missing link. You may find some hints from it. But make sure that it is an old document, so some parameters or commands are might not working properly.

Please leave your email on this post, then I'll send the document. If you don't want to open your personal email address to the public, please send a message to me.


I found IoTivity API on webosose device.


but I didn't know which format is.
so I reformatted it. (.txt -> .md) link