LG Watch Urbane LTE

I’m wondering if this open source version of LG webOS is the same as the one used for LG Watch Urbane LTE.

The webOS OSE is higher version than LG Watch Urbane LTE but the wearable-related features have been removed from the webOS OSE.

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Thank you for that info, Changhyeok.

With TV and wearable components removed from webOS OSE, what devices — aside from the Raspberry Pi — may run with it? Can it power tablets and phones?

Technically yes, however drivers would need to be available. In case drivers are not available you would need to use something like libhybris like it’s being used by LuneOS, SailfishOS, Ubuntu Touch to talk to the hardware using Android drivers. The Halium project (www.halium.org) is very useful for this as well.

An option might be to look at PostmarketOS where they have a number of devices that are mainlined and don’t require proprietary driver blobs.

Porting would still require some effort, but it’s possible.

For phones & tablets to work you would need to add phone infrastructure components such as oFono etc. That’s where LuneOS is already fully prepared :wink:

We’re currently looking into integrating various bits from webOS OSE into LuneOS and sending some of our changes upstream to LG to consider for integration.


Thank you for explaining this, Herrie!

I’m excited to see webOS again on new devices! :smiley:

I’m very interested in LuneOS on Android BSP and do you have any plan to port Lune OS on Google Pixel 1 or 2? That’s just my interest in personal. :slight_smile:

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@Changhyeok We have no plans ourselves, but you’re welcome to contribute :slight_smile: Initial goal would be to get Halium building (https://docs.halium.org/en/latest/). Afterwards LuneOS is merely configuration for a large part. Getting the kernel to build with GCC 6 might be a challenge, though with 3.10+ kernels this seems less of an issue :slight_smile:

@Herrie Thanks for the information.

@Herrie I am so glad to hear you guys are planning to adopt some webOS OSE parts into LuneOS.
We are looking forward working more closely with you on the expansion of the webOS community.
Let us know if anything we can help you with.

@SungHyun_Cho: We’re looking forward working with LG as well and to contribute some of the bits that we’ve been developing over the years to bring webOS to a broader range of devices. So far we’ve been pretty OK with the migration and have about 15 components more or less migrated (which is about half of the 30 that we had on our initial list for migration (basically the components that were released in Open webOS and now updated in webOS OSE)). Just we’re now running into issues with the new LS2 security model and there seems to be very little documentation out there about it (or I was unable to find it). Any guidance you have on how to migrate from pub/prv to the new security model would be great!

I am trying to set up an offline meeting with you and other contributors working on LuneOS via SVL (silicon valley lab located in san jose). Probably, you will get reached out shortly from our folk at SVL. The reason why I want to setup the meeting is that I think what you are going to contribute to webOS OSE is very big and I want to support you with our best effort. Meanwhile kindly refer to the following links for your inquiry.

built-in native service : http://webosose.org/develop/native-services/
js service : http://webosose.org/develop/js-services/built-in-js-service/develop-configure-js-service/

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