Native games (OpenGL)


I've read that for native apps UI should be used with Qt or QML . I'm interested in porting some native games I had for the original webOS using pure c++ and OpenGL. Do I still need to go through Qt/QML?

thnx in advance

Hi @hamlatzis, welcome to the forum!

  • Developing with Qt or QML is just one of the option.
    You can make native apps using C++ and OpenGL.
  • I'm not sure what the 'original webOS' is. But if it is not webOS OSE, you might need some modifications.



thnx for the answer, I don't expect everything to work out of the box.

But knowing I have the option means I can at least start "playing" with it

when I said original, version I was referring to the one by Palm. My original game was for Palm. Then when HP bought them I ported to their version of webOS (and yes had to make changes) to compile/run for the Palm Pre 2 mobile and TouchPad

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