Qt development

Hi all,
I’m trying to understand if applications based on Qt Quick/QML are supported. If yes can you publish a small tutorial (from the development to the deployment on the target board).

Thank you very much.


See Develop Native apps in Qt5 · Issue #2 · webosose/build-webos · GitHub

I haven't tested it (No RPi3, however I suspect it should work similarly since we (LuneOS) share a lot of internals with this webOS OSE. Just we have some older Open webOS components, but newer QT :wink:

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Agree. With. You .no. develop document. Like. Qt. Office. Document

I want to know the full version of chromium, similar to 53.0.xxx.xx

Hi, sassi67
QML app development guide : http://webosose.org/develop/qml-apps/qml-apps-overview/

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of course it works~ QML which is main code of system UI of webOS would be helpful for you.

haha github the best