Possibility of an app to enhance HDMI CEC capabilities


Is it possible to develop an app that alters the TV's CEC link behaviour? As you know currently there is only one option: either both devices turn on each other or no one does. What I want to do is to make sure that TV cannot turn on HDMI device while the device can turn on TV. Whether with the SDK's services or just tinkering with system files, is it theoretically possible to make any kind of app to have a two-ways CEC options?

I checked on com.webos.service.cec documentation but it seems it doesn't support what I want. I am a developer but I have no experience with webos or any kind of embedded system.

My current solutions are:

  1. Just disabling/blocking the system call that is sent to the last active HDMI device when TV is turned on.
  2. Turning off the CEC link and implementing a kind of background service to listen if any HDMI device is activated while TV is on standby, if that's possible, and implement the CEC action itself.

Honestly I am open to any kind of solution here. Is it doable?

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