Pre built image download location seems to be down?

Don't know who to address this to. Hence this topic. seems to be down? Getting a 500 response.


Edit: seems to back up and running. Thanks!

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Hi, @keethar

webOS OSE 2.5 does not exist on that download location.
I hope a new version of the webOS OSE prebuilt image on there.

It was down because of DOS attack and the disk array got broken during that. I've already built 2.5, but it failed to rsync to the file server because of I/O errors.

It's provided by webos-ports community, there is no ETA (

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@jama I always appreciate the efforts of webOS-Ports community to expand webOS World. :+1:

Images built from 2.5.0 release, build 197 ( are available now at

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