Pre-built images available

Hey, i have pi 3b+ but a can't find the img support it, can u show me

Unfortunately OSE still doesn't support 3B+.


You should be able to boot it on 3B+ if you revert this commit, but you'll get issues with cursor in surface-manager, so GUI won't be usable at all. Patches fixing surface-manager to work correctly with newer kernel are welcome.

@jaeyoonjung FYI

thank for answering!

Hello, does somebody have a prebuilt image of webos OSE developer version?

Build #90 from [ finished building, new images available again on

I'll trigger build of webos-image-devel as well:

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webos-image-devel images from build #90 are available now as well.


FWIW, the files under the following directory are the pre-built VM images for VirtualBox emulator.

See for details.