Python package availability

Can i use pure-python-adb library? for controlling webOS UI & controlling it?
( i'm asking it bcz currently Amazon blocked it using on fireTV )

Hi @yurhee.jin, welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately, webOS OSE doesn't support Python packages. (except a few packages which are embedded in the platform source code)


Dear, NERGI.
I appreciate your quick response to my inquiry. But, still i've got more question.

I would like to control the webOS UI automatically with LLM agent, is there's any way to try this?
( Request example : "please open the Netflix app and show me movie-horror category" )
Additionallly I am from a researcher at LG electronics, so all the authority issue can be resolved.

Thanks again for your reply and have a great day.


Dear Yurhee,

As far as I know, none of the current projects are working on the application you are looking for. I'll send you an email for more detailed information.