TTS test on emulator

I'd like to test tts on my enact application via virtualbox emulator.
but there's an error says tts task is not running.
please help me how to solve this problem

plus, I've checked if there's any available language. but there's no language availble.
how can I add languages?

please let me know how to solve it. thanks


I forwarded your inquiries to our dev. team.

To analyze this issue, could you share the followings?

  1. OS info.
  2. webOS OSE version
  3. VirtualBox version



Our dev. team verified TTS service on emulator. It's working as expected.

I think you missed some part in setting credentials step.

Note that you must reboot the emulator after you copy the credential file. (Use 'Power off the machine' option)


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I added credentials on my project both on project and via ares-shell.
but still not working.

OS Info: macos ventural 13.2.1
my virtualBox version is 7.0.10
and webos OSE version is 2.22.0

thanks for helping


The credential file should be placed in the /etc/google directory (1 credential file for 1 webOS OSE device), not in every project's subfolder.