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Is Enact the Right Choice for building Application for LG TV's WebOS. Am I going in right direction.

To build a media application for playing video on LG TV from 2015, you can use the webOS TV SDK provided by LG. It is a web-based framework for developing apps for LG Smart TVs, including 2015 models. You can create your application using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Start by downloading and installing the webOS TV SDK from the LG Developer site. Then, refer to the documentation and samples provided to understand the development process.

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To kickstart your media application development for LG TVs from 2015, opt for the Enyo framework, the preferred choice officially supported by LG webOS. This framework streamlines app development using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, ensuring an intuitive and engaging user experience. Begin by downloading the LG webOS TV SDK, exploring Enyo's documentation, and delving into relevant code samples. Comprehend webOS app lifecycle, remote control interactions, and media playback functionalities. Thorough testing on the webOS TV emulator and physical devices is crucial for optimal performance. As you progress, leverage the supportive LG developer community and adhere to submission guidelines for publishing your app on the LG Content Store.

i'd probably build a test in Enact and send it to the target TV type, and see if it works.

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