X86/x64 as Target MACHINE

I am interested in running webOS OSE on an x64 machine (e.g. an Intel NUC). The documentation and the yocto meta layers only list a raspberrypi as a MACHINE for the yocto build.
Has anyone used webOS OSE natively on an x86/x64 machine (not using qemu) or is there any plan to support this out of the box?

The webOS OSE is an open source as you know, so you can freely modify it to suit your HW environment. And if you have successfully ported to another hardware, please share it with the community.

As far as I know, there are no official plans for expansion to other hardware.

Yes, I know that I can modify it :wink:.
I have already build Yocto images for ARM and x64 machines, but if someone already tried it or is currently doing the same I may start from there or help with the effort.