Building for other devices

Hi guys,
I’ve been reading the doc and the requirements section and I understand we need a RaspBerry Pi 3 for testing/using WebOS OSE. I will try it, but I was wondering if you have any plan to support other devices/architectures. I own a 42LG5700 with the old NetCast SO and I would love to test this WebOS OSE there.

If not… do you know where can we find information of the chipsets used for these old TVs to check the possibility of building on it?


Hi ikabot,
We haven’t decided the specific plan for supporting other devices yet.
Also, we don’t know the chipset information of TV products. I’m sorry for that.

It would be cool to do, and list of devices and there specifications, like DD-WRT has so the community could help and develop.

Well we always have other project to help us in this quest,
LG TV Hardware list: