How to get Netflix working on WebOS?


Hi everyone,

I am Newbie here. Sorry for being noob. Just wanna asking.

I can login into netflix but cannot getting netflix working properly. It was lagging (sound). I do not know which one is related, DRM or HW on raspi 2.

I tried copy & paste this files (”, “”, “”) into folder "/usr/lib/chromium/" && "/lib/chromium/".. But still not working.


Demo video


@suaji Your work (I saw your demo video) looks good. I'm worry that we don't support netflix at this time. Could you share how to work netflix? Then I can check it with development team.

The netflix application is just redirection in webapp? and which version do you use? Now we released build #17.


Thanks for replying sir.. It is just redirection from index.html

window.location = ""

May i know sir what did u mean, "Now we released build #17."


Our latest version is (build #17). Which version do you use for your netflix test?


T..T forgive me sir. I am totally noob. Hahaha. I just found img file and flash it. I dont compiled my self. I dont have super-duper computer and ssd.

Can i check it in settings or ssh if i wanna know which version i used it?.. if can, how to check it with ssh?


Where did you get the Netflix app? I am getting interested.


Hi @yisooan,
I believe @suaji has mentioned that it's a redirection to the Netflix homepage from index.html.


there is no app.. It is just small edit from noob like me :joy::joy::joy:

edit json and html files..
( /usr/palm/applications )

Or you free to download and copy & paste too..
Here is download link, Netflix

  1. Download and Extract file
  2. Place your webos sdcard to any ubuntu pc
  3. login as Root @ sudo nautilus
  4. copy folder "" into (/usr/palm/applications)
  • i dont know how to convert to ipk files and transfer using SSH..

Forgive me ^_^v