how to download using the service com.webos.service.downloadmanager/download directly to the application folder?

I'm just getting it done for the /media/internal folder and then I can't use the image downloaded in the application

Hi @RuiLopes, welcome to the forum.

Could you provide the following information?

  • Version of your webOS OSE (you can see the build number from GitHub)
  • Error message or log of the operation if it exists


I @NERGI the webOS OSE version is 2.2.0.

It doesn't give any error, but the download instead of going to the folder /media/developer/apps/usr/palm/applications/ goes to the folder /media/internal/download

the parameters sent are

params = JSON.stringify({
    target: `'myUrlDownloas',
    targetDir: `'/media/developer/apps/usr/palm/applications/'   
    targetFilename: `'myFileName.jpg'

in the app then says

Failed to load resource: net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND

target: `'myUrlDownloas',

Is the value for the target property right? It seems like typo of myUrlDownloads.

Never mind for the above comment. I confused.

Could you try the same thing using the command line?
Refer to example.

@NERGI in command line works, but in application not work

Could you share your appinfo.json file? (especially requiredPermissions property )