How to get Netflix working on WebOS?

How about this?.
Can we get some tips from here?.

Chromium & Netflix (and other DRM video websites)

You can not just take packages from other operating systems and install them to a different system.

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Can we use different apps other than Netflix like app for watching movies and tv series. Can I am able to use it on this platform ?? I am new to them Please help me out with this.

Hi @lewiswhite,

First off, the app you mentioned ShowBox seems very sketchy and might actually be in violation of copyright infringement. Hence why it doesn't seem to be provided on the play store. Additionally the website claims its available for Android, Mac, iOS and PC but only provides an installation guide for Android (and Kindle, which runs a variant of Android).

However, since the app doesn't have a native webOS application IMHO you could go about getting one working by one of 3 ways:

  1. If there's a web player of any sorts similar to Netflix you could create a webapp for webOS that would redirect to that URL.
  2. You could contact the developer, get the project for an app built for another platform and perhaps see where the media libraries are being sourced then using those create a custom app for webOS yourself.
  3. Contact the developer and request an app be made for webOS.

For LuneOS we did the following, something similar MIGHT work on webOS OSE, but it might not because it uses Chromium directly and not QtWebEngine, but it's worth the try I guess. Another option might be to try something like

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Where did you get the Netflix app? I am getting interested.. .

Can i check it in settings or ssh if i wanna know which version i used it?.. if can, how to check it with ssh?. .