How to implement a dynamic variable

hi, currently every time i change a variable value i have to build ipk everytime, is there a way where i can change the variable dynamically and build the ipk only once.

I'm not sure what kind of app you're developing (for TV? or Raspberry Pi?).
However, I do have some experience with improving algorithms for indoor positioning using RSSI data from BLE beacons.
During that project, I created test apps and adjusted variable values using buttons.
You can retrieve values from the database you're hosting, or by reading local json files (you can then change these values by editing the files), etc.

I'm a newbie as well... Let's wait together until NERGI replies!" :smile:

Hi @Darshan_Giri, welcome to the forum!

In case you develop a web app or Enact app on webOS OSE, you can preview the result without installing it using webOS Studio extension.

Check the Previewing with Live Reload section.


i am building a TV app, there's a variable that changes according to requirements by the team , everytime i change the variable i have to create a ipk file , is there a way to not create this ipk file everytime i change this variable


Unfortunately, this forum is only for webOS OSE and its developers. So if you want to know more about webOS TV, you must visit the webOS TV Developer website.

But I heard (not sure) that webOS TV's simulator provides the functionality you're looking for. Please check the following guide.