I have been in trouble at Native Service - Release

Hi, I'm new in this forum. I’m looking forward to talk to you.

I had no problems by previous page as http://webosose.org/develop/native-services/build-test-native-services/
I have been in trouble while trying to do with this link.

If I only just modified webos-bd.target file in /etc/systemd/system on the target device and reboot the target,
There is no problem and everything is OK.
If I used "webos-initscripts", then I can see the black screen on target (raspberry Pi 3).

I thought that "webos-initscripts" just makes the webos-image included modified webos-bd.target file.
But It is not simple process as I thought.
I can check the many out files in /BUILD/work/raspberrypi3-webos-linux-gnueabi/webos-initscripts/ as well as webos-bd.target.

Isn't there anyone like me?
How can I build webos-image with webos-bd.target written as "com.example.service.native.service" without using this "webos-initscripts"?

As I know, webos-initscripts installs systemd configuration files on target device.

I added com.example.service.native and modified webos-initscripts to webos-image according to the guide(http://webosose.org/develop/native-services/release-native-services). it's working.

After the rpi3 booting, Bare App is launched(no black screen) and the native service is running by systemd(I checked with ps -aux commands it)

Could you check the below things on your image?

  1. Check that your image has com.example.service.native ipk info

opkg list | grep native
com.example.service.native - 0.0.1-r0.local0

  1. Check that you image has modified webos-initscripts ipk info

opkg list | grep webos-initscripts
webos-initscripts - 3.0.0-18-r11.local0

  1. Check the native service's systemd config file is in /etc/systemd/system


  1. Check webos-db.target has the "com.example.service.native.service"


  1. Start and check status of native service by systemd command

systemctl start com.example.service.native
systemctl status com.example.service.native