LAN only system (as an option)

I would like to have a WebOS device, like a WebOS TV, as the Media Center of the house.

Being that device the main storage of the fotos and videos of the family.

And for security issues, I request that it works fully functionally without being connected to the Internet.

Note that for that you do not need the device to be connected to the Internet, you only need it to be connected to the LAN (see my experience bellow).


  1. Upload photos and videos from a mobile or a PC to the WebOS device hard drive

  2. Devices connected to the LAN could see the photos or videos stored on the WebOS device hard drive

  3. Use WebOS device as a second monitor of the PC

  4. Do not limit the number of mobile devices paired with the WebOS TV for remote control (one small but very annoying feature in the current WebOS)


  1. SMB, FTP and NFS as a client
    Allow the WebOS device to connect to hosts on you LAN

  2. SMB, FTP and NFS as a server
    Allow hosts on your LAN to connect to the WebOS device and download files

  3. Wireless display
    I was only able to use it as a mirror of the mobile screen (using Miracast / Intel WIDI), never as a second monitor of the PC (I am running Linux on my laptop)

  4. Sideloading option to install apps
    Only option to install apps when the device is blocked to internet access.
    In my opinion, one of the reasons Android is what it is is because it allows sideloading from its very first begining.

MY EXPERIENCE (TV connected to the LAN but blocked to external connections)

I have a LG 47LA620S that was never connected to the Internet but sometimes I connect it to my LAN.

My TV MAC address is blocked in the router to ALL external connections.

  1. Miracast / Intel WiDi works as a mirror of my mobile phone
  1. Controlling the TV from my android mobile.
  1. TV seeing files stored on my PC


I do not want a third party company to have access to my files, when I am sharing them between two devices on my living room.

But the only way for my LG TV to see files on my PC is by installing PLEX, as stated in
"If you have a computer system with Linux or iOS, we recommend the option to share files via PLEX, application available for these systems"

BTW, PLEX is not the most secure company (see


LG would you be so kind as to use open source standards to share files, like NFS, FTP or SMB?

Now that you open source the WebOS, it would also be nice to use opened protocols!

Just two more things to clarify:

  1. If people want to use the Smart TV connected to the internet, they should be able to do so.
    I do not want, but I am a security maniac.
    What I want is to remove the requirement of having connection to servers somewhere on the internet (eg. Plex) for the Smart TV to be able to see files that are available in some PC on my LAN.

  2. When my Smart TV verifies that it is not able to connect to the internet (because its MAC address is blocked on my firewall), it starts some DHCP server and this way I have 2 DHCP servers on my LAN conflicting with each other. There should be a way to disable this behave of the Smart TV.


Thanks for your lots of suggestion.

At first, webOS OSE is not fully same with LG TV webOS.
However, your suggestion is very helpful to improve webOS.


Thanks for your reply.

In my humble opinion, WebOS OSE is not the same as LG TV WebOS in the same way that Linux is not the same as Windows. However we cannot forget that both make the same hardware to work.

My suggestions are to be introduced in WebOS OSE.

I would like to replace the OS on my TV with some open source OS, if it does what I need.

Therefore, my suggestions are to improve WebOS OSE and not LG TV webOS.

Sure. It's very precious opinion and we will consider your suggestion for webOS OSE's improvement.

We welcome all opinions. :slight_smile:


Just one more clarification :slight_smile: :

I would like to replace the OS on my TV with some open source OS, that allows me to do what I want.

I should have said "allows me to do what I want" and not "does what I need".

I want to configure my system, I do not request that someone does it for me.

For example I want to install and configure services that I need (NFS, FTP, WDS ...) and disable services that I do not need (DHCP).

That is Open Source! (and not only a community of guys that code for free)


I'm sorry that webOS OSE can's use on LG TV. So you can't replace LG TV OS to webOS OSE.

Please see Using webOS apps