Python 3.6 to 3.8 upgrade for the Django application on AWS Elastic Beanstalk

I've been given the responsibility of updating this elastic beanstalk instance. Initially, Amazon Linux 1 was used to run Python 3.6. I'm now upgrading Amazon Linux 2 to Python 3.8. The application is a Django one. Initially, a file to install packages was present in the.ebextensions.

    python34-devel: []
    postgresql93: []
    postgresql93-devel: []
    gcc-c++: []

I recall that in order to install pandas and numpy as application dependencies, the gcc package was required. But when I switched to Amazon Linux 2, it was unable to locate any of these programmes. After removing them all, the programme appears to be operating normally based on my tests. Do I need to specifically download any of these packages for the new Amazon Linux 2 or are they already there? Or do I simply no longer require them?

Additionally, the application and code base were already finished when I started working on it. Because of this, I do not currently know what the purposes of the majority of those packages, aside from the gcc package, are.

I've tried looking into various packages to determine if I require them for my existing application. Although I've read a lot of AWS documentation, it only provides instructions on how to get packages, not when I might need them.

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