webOS Auto - Status & webOS OSS

Hello webOS-Team,

I am currently analyzing if webOS Auto could be an option for IVI system as base platform, vs. Android Automotive.

It is really difficult how webOS Auto relates to the OSS version. Is webOS Auto something like closed source? There is no clear descrption and reference. I only found some code in the webOS OSS repo about home launcher, FOTA etc.

Can you please help or guide me on how to proceed. Is webOS Auto thought to be released within the webOS OSS release?


Hi @marziman, welcome to the forum.

webOS Auto is a platform which is based on webOS OSE. (Our dev. team is planning to release it in March.)
But it will not be released on open source website.

If you have any further questions regarding webOS Auto, please visit or contact


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thanks for your reply. If webOS Auto is not open source, it wont be a possibility. I think that you guys need to be aware the Android Automotive OS will be fully opensource as part if ASOP android project.

Would have been great if you guys add webOS Auto to webOS OSS, instead of trying to keep it closed and propietary.
Innovation will always happen in opensource, so maybe rethink it.

Still thank you for your answer.


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