Works great except for wifi

I successfully got the image loading on my Raspberry Pi, Boots up and looks/works like any other webOS device. Only problem is it does not see my wifi device. Any ideas?

I dont have a raspberry pi 3, using a raspberry pi 2. Is that possibly the fault?

Raspberry2 device doesnt have wifi module. It’s hardware problem. You need to use raspberrypi3 or attach USB wifi dongle to use wifi.

Thanks, you confirmed my thinking,

On a side note it wont even boot on a Pi Zero

Yes. it only supports raspberrypi3 and it’s compatible with raspberrypi2. So you can use webOS OSE on raspberrypi2. However, webOS OSE doesn’t support raspberrypi0 in this time.

I am using a Raspberry Pi 3 and can’t seem to connect to Wifi

Edit: My bad, the OS was scaling badly on my monitor

Please see HD TV resolution problem to change scree resolution.


I have a raspberry pi 2 and a wifi USB dongle. My wifi dongle uses realtek 8192cu. I built an image which worked well with my wifi dongle on raspberry pi 2.
I think there could be a better way to solve this problem. Anyway here is my solution for raspberry pi 2 and a wifi dongle.

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@Jaehwang Great work!!

Nice, a docker build image, and support for Pi2. :slight_smile: