Why use GPU_MEM = "128"

If using the mesa driver. using GPU_MEM = “128” is useless. afaik it’s only for the closed source driver and if used with mesa, it just reserves 128M from ram for no reason.

We uses mesa and enable vc4 (DRM) in kernel . Also webOS OSE uses omx libraries for multimedia HW acceleration. So we need GPU_MEM to 128MB.


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By testing further, using video tag it shows the usage of CPU (w/ top) of 170% to 200%.

Isn’t that a bit to much processing power for just one video?

whilst using omxplayer cpu goes to around 28% - 39%.

I am not very savvy with this but performance does interest me.

reason I am saying this is because I would like to ask if gpu_mem isn’t to low for 128MB?

Regarding video tag in webos OSE, please refer https://github.com/webosose/build-webos/issues/5

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oh awesome ty. this will be good to keep an eye out :smiley: