Raspberry Pi 4 Performance

Hi all,
I'm very interested in WebOS in competition to AOSP. I tried both of official and my local build, then I faced lots of lags. Performance is not good as AOSP.
I wonder what is root cause of issues.
If we port WebOS to faster SBC like Orange Pi 5, shall performance be better?

Hi @phucle, welcome to the forum.

  • One of the main roles of webOS OSE is the test bed for other webOS platforms, such as webOS TV or webOS Signage, etc. Once the testing is done on webOS OSE, it can be ported to other webOS platforms easily (relatively). So even if the performance of some features on webOS OSE might be poor, it can be compensated when the features are implemented on TV or other webOS devices.
  • Of course, the more powerful SBC can run the faster webOS OSE.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Hi @NERGI, thanks for your reply.
My thought is, if we try our best, we can prove that WebOS is a very good candidate for running on SBC like Raspberry Pi.
One of main things is how smooth it can run, how effective application can be deployed. I'm very happy if you can point me which need to be improved.
I'll look forward to see what I can contribute to the project.


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For now, we don't have any list to be improved. If we find some point, I'll touch you through this post.

Thanks for your support and passion.

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