Raspberry Pi 3 b+ support?


Hello everyone,
WebOS does not support RPI 3 b+?
I wrote webos image to micro SD card, but not working on my RPI 3b+. Won't boot at all.
How can I correct WebOS source to operate it normally in RPI 3 b+?


@cre8tor Hi! As far as I know, only the older 3B model is supported at this time. The newer 3B+ model will not work with webOS. Of course, this is subject to change in the future!

For now, if you want a device to test webOS on, you should consider getting a 3B rather than the 3B+.


Anyone study the differences between the 3B and 3B+ to figure out what the points of failure might be, yet?


This could mean nothing but I believe the B+ has a different variant SoC than the regular 3.


@n-jay @ericblade If I'm not mistaken, the SoC on the RPi 3B+ is the same as the older 3B, but faster. Also, the 3B+ has a faster Gigabit Ethernet setup with PoE. It also has a newer WiFi chip.

I think the change in the Ethernet and WiFi devices are the culprit of why webOS won't work on the 3B+. Have a look-see here: https://www.androidcentral.com/raspberry-pi-3-model-b-vs-3-b


Looks legit @kjhodge, that maybe the case after all.
btw, I got the processor revision details from this website.

Would editing the build script overcome this issue? :confused:


It's not simple build script edit :).

We would need to upgrade the kernel and integrate the changes from:

It will happen eventually, but it's not ready in webOS yet.


Noted :smiley:
Patiently waiting for any updates on this.