Ares-inspect to debug js service not working


I have some questions to debug js service.

I share My development environment as below.

  • webOS OSE 2.6.0
  • SDK 1.12.0
  • node v8.12.0
  • Chrome browser : 84.0.4147.125

1) ares-inspect

I launch ares-inspect to debug js service, however ares-inspect can't connect on the Chrome browser.

I generate sampleApp and sampleService to use CLI.
sampleService is working well as below.

However I can't get any debug info such as console log, sources when run ares-inspect.

on cmd

on the Chrome browser (chrome://inspect)

click inspect

I'd like to know if there are something I need to check.

2) pmloglig
I also want to know how to get pmloglib.
from the sample code, helloclient.js, it seems that the pmlog is saved in /var/log/messages.
However, there is no messages file (or folder).

var pmloglib = require('pmloglib'); // For use pmlog, pmlog is wirted /var/log/messages

I'd like to know how to get pmlog.

Thank you.

Dear youngyun,

Nice to meet you :slight_smile:

1) ares-inspect
It seems that your Chrome browser version is higher than Chromium in OSE.
Please read and use proper Chrome browser for inspecting.

2) pmloglig
OSE supported pmlogd as default logging daemon, but it has been changed to journald. Please read journald page and use journald

Simply, you can see the log with the command


And.. the below comment should be removed:

// For use pmlog, pmlog is wirted /var/log/messages

The comment has been removed in CLI recently, but the it is not published yet.
Next release, the fixed CLI template will publish.