Raspberry Pi 3 Official Display

How can I use 7" official display instead of hdmi?

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webOS OSE doesn’t support RPI official display using DSI because we use DRM for graphics and didn’t enable official touch screen.

I will check to enable the official touch screen.


I’m really interested to have this screen working. For some project would be great to used WebOS in order of Raspbian but for this this screen must work.
Also think about screen rotation :wink:

@gulivert Thanks for your opinion and we will think about it. :slight_smile:

Regarding touch display support, we are planning to support any USB-HID compatible touchscreen device that can be used with your HDMI display. Actually we are working on it to release by the end of July (subject to change)


Hi webOS team :slight_smile:

any update to state of support USB-HID touchscreens. I build webOS OSE 1.0.g and it's looks like there is no touchscren (Dell ST2220T) support.