Why is webOS OSE 2.5 on Raspberry Pi4 not connected to a small 7-inch touch display?

I would like to connect a small touch display(7 inch) to Raspberry Pi4.
However, when i connect the display and boot the webOS OSE, the rainbow screen appears, then turns into a white noise screen, and reboots indefinitely.
I applied additional power to the display just in case there was a power shortage, but the same thing happens.
We also changed the hdmi_mode portion of the config.txt file to change the resolution, but it was the same.
And it could be a display problem, so I installed the Lazbian OS and connected it, but it works well. I think webOS OSE is compatible with small display.

Is there a way to connect a small display to the webOS OSE of Raspberry Pi4?

If you use webOS OSE 2.5.0 version, please try to set as below guide.

(To use dual display)

root@raspberrypi4#config="[{\"device\":\"/dev/dri/card0\",\"hwcursor\":false,\"outputs\":[{\"name\":\"HDMI1\",\"geometry\":\"1024x600+0+0r0s1\",\"mode\":\"1024x600\"},{\"name\":\"HDMI2\",\"geometry\":\"1024x600+0+0r0s1\",\"mode\":\"1024x600\"}]}]"; luna-send -n 1 -f luna://com.webos.service.config/setConfigs "{\"configs\":{\"com.webos.surfacemanager.displayConfig\": $config}}"

(To use single display)

root@raspberrypi4#config="[{\"device\":\"/dev/dri/card0\",\"hwcursor\":false,\"outputs\":[{\"name\":\"HDMI1\",\"geometry\":\"1024x600+0+0r0s1\",\"mode\":\"1024x600\"}]}]"; luna-send -n 1 -f luna://com.webos.service.config/setConfigs "{\"configs\":{\"com.webos.surfacemanager.displayConfig\": $config}}"

I didn't test the official version of the 7-inch touch display for the raspberry pi 4.
So, I recommend a kind of display that supports HDMI input. I tested with this display.